Funded Projects

So far, £7.1 million has been raised through The Health Lottery in the North East and Cumbria.

Thanks to this money, 191 local projects have been funded by People’s Health Trust, since 2011.

Carlisle Community Choir

Were awarded £16,380 to enable local people from the Harraby and Upperley areas of Carlisle to come together and form a new community choir, which will involve some existing members of the current choir along with new members, including people in local residential care homes, in order to bring the joy of singing to the residents, many of whom experience memory loss.

By bringing members of the choir into the residential settings, the project will encourage social interaction. The project will be led by a steering committee of local residents and people from the care homes.

HOPS (Healing Opportunities Provision Scheme)

Were awarded £20,774 for a two-year project to provide carers with a monthly day out where they can enjoy a treatment, take part in activity sessions and have a healthy lunch. There will also be a coffee and activity session once a month in four locations across Sunderland. This project will encourage peer support and provide carers with opportunities to make new friendships, improve their self-confidence and consider their own self-care.

Five participants have formed a Steering Group, which will meet quarterly to discuss the development of the project and feedback will be gathered each month at the Time Out days. Group member says, “The friendship & support I get means a lot & helps me cope with life."

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